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We have had a Tigga Towers scratch post and other beds for around six years, which with four cats is amazing. The post was looking very tatty, but still intact, remarkably, so we sent for a replacement 500mm post. It arrived within a couple of days, and the tower now looks like new. Excellent products and service.

Dave Wager

Super service, fast delivery and a great product. I finally gave up on the cheaper versions and went for quality. 
Excellent product, the spare parts are an added bonus. I would definitely recommend.


Excellent communication, great products and most importantly, my cats love the tower! I'd say I'll be back for more but the tower will definitely last the test of time - very sturdy and I love that you can buy replacement parts for it.


We have had our tower for over 8 years and its had a lot of use by our multi cat household so to have the poles re-roped was brilliant. Easy to arrange,quick turnaround and now back to new. Thank you.

Mrs Whiston

Tiggatowers are simply the best products on the market for your pets. Our tower is loved by both our cats and they last forever so they are an amazing investment for your pets! Brilliant products and a superb service - I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Jackie Van

Ordering was easy/straightforward via the website.
My kitten loves everything from Tigga Towers - his toys, tower, wicket basket, double doughnut cat bed and pillow cat bed, he has lots of choice!  
Everything is very well made and good quality.

Paula Hepworth